Kas Stone Photographic Art: Winter
Andrew Wyeth said it best:

"I prefer winter...

       When you feel the bone
       structure of the landscape,
       the loneliness of it,
       the dead feeling...

             Something waits beneath it;
             the whole story doesn't show."

Ice Flow  (KAS20645)
Rabbit Blanket Lake  (KAS40362)
I Love Winter  (KAS11181)
Snowed In  (KBG03467)
All photographs on this website are, unless otherwise noted, © Kas Stone 2002-2018.

On Top of the World, Sugarloaf, Cape Breton  (KBG11706)
Into the Blue  (KBG11619)
Ice Pattern  (KAS46721)
Ice Pattern  (KAS46761)
Magic Forest on My Windowpane  (KDF00197)
Chic-Choc Summits, Quebec  (KAS09045)
Ice Pans  (KASDSC2316)
Frosted Sunday  (KDF00854)
Freeze and Flow  (KDF00869)
Kamouraska Snowscape  (KBG09836)
Border Lines  (KBG02302)
Closed for the Season  (KDF05305)
Winter Triptych  (KBG11460)
North Mountain  (KBG11472)
In the Bleak Midwinter  (KBG11603)
Erie Winterscape  (KBG09586)
Waiting  (KBG09777)
Snowy Road  (KBG09695)
Winter Driving  (KBG09015)
Swinging on Ice  (KBG02324)